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Office of Chaplaincy Services

Western Orthodox Christian Church

Bishop Gabriel (David) Fucci, OSB, PhD

Bishop of Chaplaincy Services

(619) 324-3015 |

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Armed Forces Chaplaincy Board Endorsing Agents:



Military Chaplains Association - USA



Health Care Chaplaincy


The Office of Chaplaincy Services is a ministry to our service men and women in the Armed Forces as well as any clergy serving in institutional chaplaincies (hospitals, prison, nursing home ministry, etc.) . We are proud to be of service to our Nation's military men and women, the elderly, the sick or the incarcerated.


Our Church endorses those priests who feel called to ministry of service as chaplains providing they meet our requirements and the requirements of the chaplaincy program for which they apply. 


The Office of Chaplaincy Services has jurisdiction over any of our priests serving in institutional chaplaincies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, Prisons, Hospitals, Police and Fire Departments, Civil Air Patrol, State Defense Forces, etc.


The Office of Chaplaincy Services is the endorsing body approved by the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Board and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

We are listed as "Western Orthodox Christian Church" by the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Board (AFCB) and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA).


Priests in good standing in our jurisdiction desiring to serve in chaplaincy, are welcome to contact us for further information. Any priest seeking endorsement must be in good standing with his bishop. Any priest to receive endorsement from the Office of Chaplaincy Services must be serving within a jurisdiction of the Synod of Bishops of the Western Orthodox Christian Church. 

United States Veterans Reserve Corp

  • BG Raymond Copp

  • CH (COL) Michael  Clancy  (Chief of Chaplains)

USAF Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol

Ch. Maj. David B. Fucci

Ch. Maj. Manuel Otero

Fire Chaplaincy

Bishop David B. Fucci

  • San Diego Fire Rescue

Maritime Chaplaincy

Rev. Fr. Julius (Edward) Olsen, III

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