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Bishop Joseph's Coat of Arms


The Green, wide-brimmed hat with tassels is known as a Galero. Bishops traditionally wore a galero of green color.


The cross symbolizes the authority and dignity of the Episcopacy and serves as a reminder that in all things, Christ must be first.


Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a particular Marian devotion of Bishop Joseph.


The Rampant Eagle is a traditional heraldric symbol of Germany; it symbolizes the Bishop's family background and roots. 


The "M" represents the Virgin Mary; the water represents area where the bishop was born. The symbol is representative of two of her roles; patroness of sailors and mariners. Secondly, she is piously referred to as the "Star of the Sea” providing hope, direction, and refreshment from the pains of the momentary sufferings by interceding for us before God.


"In all things, God be glorified." This is Bishop Joseph's chosen Episcopal motto. It is taken from the Rule of Saint Benedict, and signifies an essential truth of the Christian faith- that Christ himself is our life, our light, and above all else, our salvation.

Bishop Joseph has served in a variety of ministries for over twenty years prior to his Consecration to the Episcopacy. He has served in parochial and diocesan administration, youth ministry, nursing home chaplaincy, military and prison chaplaincy, etc. Bishop Joseph has taught, lectured and authored books. 


Academic Achievements:

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro, PA

  • Master of Theological Studies, Washington Theological Union, Washington, DC

  • Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling, Graduate Theological Foundation, South Bend, IN

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies, Graduate Theological Foundation, South Bend, IN


Ordinations to the Sacrament of Holy Orders:

  • Diaconate: July 19, 1996, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Chicago, IL

  • Priesthood: July 20, 1996, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Chicago, IL

  • Episcopacy: June 13, 2015, St. Peter Church, Pittsburgh, PA

Ecclesiastical Honors and Appointments

  • May 9, 2010 named Rt. Reverend Monsignor

  • April 21, 2013 appointed Vicar General, Military Vicariate

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