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Archbishop Gabriel

Archbishop Gabriel, Titular Archbishop of Tarsus, incensing and praying the prayers of Absolution at the end of the Funeral Liturgy.

L to R: Fr. John and Archbishop Gabriel
Holy Communion

The Metropolitan distributes Holy Communion to First Communicants.

Metropolitan Joseph

Metropolitan Joseph extends Chirothesia.

Archbishop Gabriel

Archbishop Gabriel, Titular Archbishop of Tarsus

Metropolitan Joseph

Metropolitan Joseph extends solemn chirothesia.

Bread, casks of wine, Mitre etc.

These items are used during the Western Orthodox consecration of a bishop.

Bishop Gabriel and Battalion Chief David Picone

Bishop Gabriel receives his certification as a Board Certified Chaplain from the National Association of Veterans Affairs Chaplains.

Divine Liturgy at Military Chapel

Bishop Fucci, Bishop of Chaplaincy Services for the WOCC, celebrating the Divine Liturgy at a military chapel in California.

Bishop Fucci in ministry with Military Personnel.jpg

Bishop Fucci as chaplain, counseling our Armed Forces Service men and women.

Metropolitan Joseph and family
congregants assembled
Come, Receive the Light...
Resurrection Divine Liturgy

Our own Father Sam Rake, Pastor of St. Augustine's Orthodox Church celebrates Pascha according to the Eastern usage. As Western Orthodox we will accommodate those communities that want to be in Eucharistic communion with us and continue to use the Eastern usage of Liturgy.

The Lighting
Holy Communion

The Servant of God received the Precious and Holy Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of his sins and eternal life. Amen

Bishop Fucci Preaching at Holy Mass.jpg

Bishop Fucci, Military Ordinary preaching during Holy Mass. Bishop Fucci serves the chaplaincy needs of military personnel.

Divine Liturgy
The Anaphora
Anointing the hands of the Catechumen
Rear Admiral Kibben, ChC, U.S. Navy

Metropolitan Joseph and Bishop Fucci with Rear Admiral Margaret Kibben, ChC, U.S. Navy.

AFCB Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion with the Armed Forces Chiefs of Chaplains.

Metropolitan Joseph and Bp. Mackey

Metropolitan Joseph with Bishop R. Mackey of The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches during the AFCB (DOD) meeting with ecclesiastical endorsers.

Chaplain Costin, U.S. Air Force

Chaplain (Major General) Dondi E. Costin, U.S. Air Force addressing the various ecclesiastical endorsers at the annual Armed Forces Chaplains Board Endorser Conference.

Chaplain Costin

Chaplain Costin addresses the ecclesiastical endorsers.

Chaplain Hurley
Chaplain Hurley, U.S. Army

Metropolitan Joseph and Bishop Fucci with Chaplain (Major General) Paul K. Hurley, U.S. Army during the annual Armed Forces Chaplains Board meeting with ecclesiastical endorsers.

AFCB Endorser Conference

L to R: Bishop Fucci, Diocese of the Western United States/Chaplaincy Services, Chaplain (Major General) Dondi E. Costin, U.S. Air Force and Metropolitan Joseph.

AFCB Endorser Conference
AFCB endorsers

L to R: Rt. Rev. Jeff Anderson, PhD (Episcopal Missionary Church) Metropolitan Joseph and Rt. Rev. Donald Lerow (Anglican Catholic Church).

AFCB Endorser Conference

Bishop Lerow and Metropolitan Joseph

First Holy Communion
The Holy Gifts...

"Grant O Lord that what we have taken with our mouths we may receive in purity of heart. And let this temporal gift avail for our healing unto life eternal. Amen."

Agios O Theos...
Incensation during a Requiem Liturgy

Requiem Liturgy according to the Western Orthodox Church

The servant of God receives...

Holy Communion: "The servant/handmaid of God receives the precious and holy body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of his/her sins and life everlasting. Amen."

O God of all spirits and all flesh..
Annual Christmas Dinner

Bishop Thomas leads the invocation at the annual Christmas dinner for the PA Association of Realtors.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

As Western Orthodox Christians we retain our culture and heritage received from the West and foster it in our Orthodox Christian lives.

Corpus Christi Altar
The Altar of Repose
Holy Week Images
Holy Thursday Altar
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday
The Incensation
Holy Liturgy

January 1, 2015 - The Feast of the Circumcision of the Lord.

Nativity of Christ
Attendees at the Holy Liturgy

Preparing for Christmas midnight Liturgy.

Pontifical Liturgy

The altar in preparation.

Holy Thursday Washing of Feet.JPG

On Holy Thursday during the Holy Mass, the priest removes the chasuble and begins the Washing of the Feet in imitation of our Divine Lord during the Last Supper when Christ washed the feet of the Holy Apostles. Twelve men are chosen to represent the Holy Apostles.

The Liturgical Greeting

"El Senor sea con vosotros" (The Lord be with you). This is the liturgical greeting rendered unto the assembly during Holy Mass before any prayer, calling the assembly to be attentive to the prayer to be offered and collecting their prayers to be offered to our Father in Heaven. The assembly returns the liturgical greeting to the priest by saying: "Y con tu espiritu" (And with your spirit). Msgr. Thomas celebrates our Divine Liturgy in Spanish for the community he serves.

Holy Mass Offertory Incensation

Father Thomas during the Incensation of the altar and the gifts of bread and wine offered during the Divine Liturgy on Holy Thursday 2014. The altar server to the left removes the Missal from the altar during the incensation and stands at reverent attention.

Father Thomas

Father Joseph Thomas celebrating the Divine Liturgy at his ministry.

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