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Consecration of St. Joseph's Monastery

September 26, 2015

Photography courtesy of Ms. Melissa Hughes

~A blessed day with nearly 100 in attendance during the Consecration and Dedication of St. Joseph's Monastery~


St. Joseph's Monastery
The Monastery sign
The Monastery Entrance

The San Damiano Byzantine Cross and the historical plaques commemorating the historicity of the house...

Monk at Prayer
A Monk in his cell...
Bishop Victor and Bishop Joseph
Guests of the Monastery

On the far right is the sister to late beloved Mrs. McCarthy, the original owner of the monastery.

More Guests...

Paul, Reverend Johnson (in the background), Father Andrew and June Russo (far right).

Entering through the Royal Doors
Bishop Joseph Incensing
Some friends of St. Joseph's

L to R: Paula, Sr. Reparata, Bishop Joseph and Natalie

St. Joseph's Monastery Chapel
St. Joseph's Monastery Chapel
Monastery chapel
St. Joseph and the Iconostasis
St. Anthony of Padua

This statue was in my first parish assignment 20 years ago on a side altar dedicated to this Western Saint.

Looking beyond the Royal Doors...
Into the Holy of Holies...
Blessing and incensing Outside

Blessing and Incensing the exterior grounds of the monastery.

Chatting after the blessing...

Bishop Joseph taking a moment with Mr. Hughes, a friend of Bishop Joseph and St. Joseph's Monastery...

May this monastery be blessed...

"May this monastery be blessed by the descent of the All Holy Spirit and the sprinkling of this holy water in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit., Amen."

The procession outside...
The Procession outside...

Bishop Victor and Bishop Abbot Joseph lead the procession while blessing and incensing the exterior of the monastery and grounds...

Bishop Victor blessing...

Nate is in the background with the blessed incense....

Bishop Victor

The Procession begins as the friends of the monastery file out behind the bishops...

Bishop Joseph blessing...

Cars lined up along the side of the round. Folks from far and near attended the Consecration of the Monastery. Nearly 100 people in attendance.

The Blessing outside the monastery..
Bishop Joseph...
Beginning the outdoor procession...
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Mancak

Friends Bishop Joseph and of the Monastery. Mrs. Mancak provided many of the delicious homemade desserts served at the reception dinner. Thank you for your generosity and gracious support! May good St. Joseph protect you!

Front of the Monastery
The final blessing of the monastery

Beginning the procession through the monastery and outdoors...

The Canonical Decree
The Holy Gospel
Anointing the Entrance

The Anointing with Sacred Chrism (Holy Myron).

Preparing to anoint the Monastery
The Metropolitan and laity
Bishop Joseph incensing....
The Incensations
The Litany of Peace chanted
The Litany
The frontal view of the Monastery
Bp. Joseph entering the Royal Doors
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Mancak

Dear friends of the monastery

Bishop Joseph anointing the entance

Bishop Joseph anointing the entrance of St. Joseph's Monastery with Sacred Chrism (Holy Myron).

Outdoor procession...
Monastery Altar

This altar was made by the Father and Mother of Bishop Joseph in 1995.

St. Joseph statue in the Chapel

Thanks to Hofmann's in Erie, PA for this wonderful statue of St. Joseph.

Bishop Joseph enjoying a good laugh

After the procession engages the attendees and enjoys a hearty laugh...

St. Anthony and the Iconostasis
Parents of Bishop Joseph et al.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas, the Bishop Victor, Bishop Joseph and Natalie, the day after the Consecration, enjoying a small picnic outdoors on the monastery grounds.

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